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Preschool Workbook Bundle

Preschool Workbook Bundle

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***This is a digital download. The sheets are regular paper size 8x10. You can print one page at a time or print them all and place them in a folder. If you want a book print out, check with your local print place, such as Office Depot. ***

Introducing our delightful Preschool Workbook Bundle – a fantastic set of three enchanting digital downloads that are designed to ignite the curiosity and creativity of your preschool age children! Packed with engaging activities and essential early learning concepts, this bundle is the perfect companion to kickstart your child's educational journey.

🌟 Book 1: "Preschool Alphabet Workbook" 🌟

Embark on a cultural journey through the alphabet with your little ones! This book will make learning the ABCs an exciting adventure, as each page introduces a new letter with positive affirmations attached to some of the letters. From A to Z, your child will be captivated by the characters and stories that you create about them. Get creative and tell a story! Make learning letters a joyful experience.

🎨 Book 2: "Preschool I-Spy Workbook" 🎨

I spy activities teaches kids about visual discrimination. When kids are able to recognize visual details in a picture, they develop skills that help discriminate between the shapes of different letters. Certain letters can sometime look similar, especially b, d, p, and q. Start visual discrimination early.

🌈 Book 3: "Preschool Learning Workbook" 🌈

Get ready for a mixture of learning activities that takes your child on a creative journey of different worksheets that works on a variety of skills. Your little ones will learn tracing numbers, counting objects, filling in the missing numbers, tracing shape, and MORE!

Why Choose Our Preschool Workbook Bundle?

🌟 Engaging and age-appropriate content 🌟 Vibrant and enchanting engagement🌟 Fun activities that promote learning through play 🌟 Boosts early literacy, numeracy, and creativity 🌟 Encourages parent-child bonding through shared learning experiences

Invest in your child's future and let the adventure of learning begin! Our Preschool Workbook Bundle is the perfect tool to help your 3 and 4-year-olds develop essential skills while fostering a lifelong love of learning. Watch them grow, explore, and thrive with these captivating workbooks. Order your bundle today and give your child the gift of a head start on their educational journey!

This bundle is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Engage your child in learning

  • Provide early childhood education

  • Want your child to be ahead when school starts

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